Monday, 28 April 2008

Chi's Sweet Home - Episodes 5-12

Chi's Sweet Home is a highbrow exposé of the feelings of loneliness and maladjustment suffered by modern day families in the 21st century as the pressures of everyday living dictate that they exist in ever more compartmentalised lives. Or, it could just be a show about a really cute kitten, I'm not sure which.

Anyway, I've fallen rather behind with this series (inexcusable considering each episode is only a couple of minutes long), but thanks to a 'marathon' session I've now caught up with such important events as the cat litter arc, which results in Chi finally getting name, and other important events that I couldn't possibly post spoilers about.

Really, it's this simple - Chi's Sweet Home is adorable, and if you've ever owned a cat the chances are you'll recognise a lot of the mannerisms (although hopefully not the problem of cat piss on your laundry) which are beautifully done despite the rather cheap and cheerful animation. I've said before that the only proper response to this series is "Awwwww", and I stand by that opinion firmly.

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