Sunday, 20 April 2008

Mnemosyne - Episode 3

Mnemosyne thus far has been a rather old-school combination of violence, sex and detective work, and unsurprisingly little has changed in part three of this OVA. Despite being fast forwarded to 2011, little has changed overall in the world of Rin and Mimi, although their non-immortal colleague Maeno has (of course) aged somewhat.

From there, the plot follows a complicated cocktail of bomb attacks, talk of an old World War II location used for biological warfare experiments called 'Death Island' (no clichéd naming there, then), and the reappearance of one of Rin's old foes. While I could pick holes in the plot and point out why it's all a bit daft, I have to be honest in saying that this was perhaps the most watchable episode of this series thus far - Even when the plot was a bit tricky to grasp properly, it kept moving at a decent pace, while giving Mimi a little more time in centre stage actually worked well compared to simply using her as a glorified receptionist with a few hacking skills bolted on.

So yes, it's ridiculous in many ways, and having an immortal protagonist tends to make any tricky situations a little dull (a problem quite nicely worked around in this episode in fairness), but at last this third instalment of Mnemosyne lived up to its potential somewhat in making for an entertaining forty-five minutes.

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