Monday, 21 April 2008

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 - Episode 3

Yes, that's right, 'tis time for me to gush superlatives about Code Geass once more, and boy did episode three prove that the series is deserving of it once again.

After defeating yet another governor of Area 11 last time around and creating a new United States of Japan within the Chinese Embassy, Lelouch finds himself very much constrained to his role as a model student at Ashford Academy, ensconced in the knowledge that his every move is being watched by his 'brother' Rolo and beyond. What follows is a real tense, edge of the seat episode, as Lelouch cleverly manoeuvres his way into a winning position until... Well, I'm not going to give it all away for anyone who hasn't watched the episode yet.

So, we finally get to see Rolo's own Geass, adding to some of that edge of the seat excitement, while Kallen once again become the fan service girl - in fact, my one disappointment with Code Geass R2 so far is in the way her character has been almost totally undermined from the strong one we knew into a love-sick, slightly psychotic persona. You could argue that everything she's experienced in the Black Knights and since the failed rebellion has changed her, but I don't buy it - Bring back the old Kallen, not the water-down version we've been seeing so far this season.

That gripe aside though, Code Geass proves itself to be a work of genius once again - I get a real thrill from watching the cat-and-mouse game between Lelouch and those who'd have him killed, and this time around that thrill is all the greater as his potential Geass targets are reduced and his circumstances as a potentially wanted man makes his life much more difficult than simply using his power to tell people what to do. Why the Brittanian Emperor hasn't simply told everyone in the army that Lelouch is Zero I'm not quite sure, but hopefully that plot hole will also be sealed at some point. In closing then, this show remains as fantastic as it ever was, minor irritations aside. Prepare for more of my declarations of love for Code Geass in the weeks ahead.

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