Thursday, 3 April 2008

Ghost Hound - Episode 18

After all those rather ponderous, slow-burning episodes, things are finally beginning to get into full swing for Ghost Hound, with this episode perhaps revealing the most we've seen from a single instalment of this series thus far.

While episode eighteen starts a little ponderously, the second half floods us with shocking happenings and revelations, all of which centre around the original focus of the story, that being the kidnapping of Taro and his sister all those years ago. So, why were they kidnapped, and how were Makoto's family involved? All is revealed here, although there's patently still plenty left to be said and presented to us.

If the remainder of the series can keep up this kind of much-improved pacing, then we could well be seeing Ghost Hound end with a bang (although there are still a fair few episodes to go). It's a shame that the animation appears to be getting poorer and poorer as the series progresses, and the richness of the show's soundtrack appears to have been diluted to boot, which is perhaps why I've found the series less engaging as time has gone on. Now the storyline has taken a kick up the proverbial behind however, I find myself once again looking forward to the next episode.

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