Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Allison to Lillia - Episode 3

I gave episode two of Allison to Lillia a bit of a slating in all honesty, and I was probably a little unfair to it in places. Thankfully, episode three of the series improves a little, offering a more action-packed experience as Allison and Wil infiltrate the base where the old man is held in an attempt to rescue him.

What follows is once again pretty generic and predictable stuff, and there are plot holes appearing left, right and centre that you could fly a bi-plane through, but if you can put that to one side it's not bad as a dose of Boys Own-esque fun. The storyline seems to be advancing very quickly though, so it's going to be interesting to see how the Allison arc stretches out over thirteen episodes.

Although I've been quite nice to the show for almost two whole paragraphs, I have to confess to finding a touch of hilarity in the old man's escape, where he could easily have given the A Team a run for their money. This is an old man who can run fast enough to keep up with two youngsters while shouting detailed directions and not run out of breath at all, an old man who can fire a large number of bullets from a single pistol clip, and that's without mentioning him single-handedly taking on a large armed force. To be quite honest, he was more useful to the cause in ten minutes than Wil has been in three episodes - All hail the old man and his incredible powers of strength and fitness! Seriously, the guy needs his own series, never mind Allison or Lillia.

Joking aside though, this really wasn't a bad episode, so my faith is restored that I can at least persevere with the series for now.

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