Saturday, 5 April 2008

Ghost Hound - Episode 19

After the surprising and sudden turn of events at the end of the last episode of Ghost Hound, I couldn't help but feel that the series had perhaps turned a positive corner towards a better paced concluding handful of episodes after having plodded along for rather too long.

Although much of episode nineteen doesn't retain much of that sudden burst of pace, it does prove to be a fantastic episode, letting emotions flow where previously the show has had rather a cold feel to it, and presenting some rather strange feelings at time in keeping with the often odd atmosphere that was developed earlier in the series. Once again the soundtrack is back to its best, and this only helps to foster that feeling of intensity, particularly when coupled with what seems to be a slight improvement in animation quality to boot.

Where this series goes from here is anybody's guess, but at last the show as a whole feels refreshed by the developments outlined in the past couple of episodes, leaving me far more positive (not to mention intrigued) as to how the show will conclude.

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