Saturday, 19 April 2008

Kanokon - Episode 2 (Dropped)

While I know I was very much in the minority, I didn't entirely dislike the opening episode of Kanokon, it just had something about it beyond the blatant and frequent fanservice which was somehow at least somewhat appealing.

Sadly, I can't say the same about the show's second helping. A new character is introduced, but it seems only to provide yet more blatant fan service for anyone who isn't interested in big boobs, but prefers them small. Basically, that's all that happens in the twenty-five minutes that make up this episode, with fan service scene followed by fan service scene piled up one after another, with each seemingly getting more daring in an attempt to top the last, putting it more or less one step short of outright hentai.

It's all rather a shame really - There are some likeable enough characters here, and the possibility to do something decent with the story, but all of this has been lost in the name of nudity and constant sexual references. I don't have anything against that per se, but it soon gets pretty repetitive, and it seems that the tone is now well and truly set for the remainder of the series. It can now consider itself dropped from my viewing schedule.


Martin said...

I never bothered to even start on Kanokon, and wondered if I was being unfair on it for not even giving it a couple of episodes. In contrast I will be giving Golgo 13 a chance but since I hated the movie almost as much as you did, I already know that it's going to suck in every way imaginable!

Chi's Sweet Home is still awesome though, at least.

Hanners said...

I think it was widely known that Kanokon was going to be hentai without the sex from the very start, so I don't blame you for avoiding it - For some reason I just felt compelled to give it a go.

As for Golgo 13, there's no way I could subject myself to that, although it can't be worse than the movie.

I really need to catch up on Chi's Sweet Home, I have no excuse for not watching a two minute show now and again!