Monday, 28 April 2008

Allison to Lillia - Episode 2

After an opening episode that could almost have defined the word 'generic', so episode two continues with the adventures of Arrogant Allison and Whiny Wil. Okay, okay, so I'm being far too harsh there, but there's something about the main two characters of this opening half of Allison to Lillia that I find hard to like.

Anyway, this episode sees the duo crash behind enemy lines, not long after which Wil is injured by... a deer. Stop laughing, it was a serious head injury. After carrying Wil's semi-conscious body for hours, the pair finally come across salvation in the form of a house, which happens to be the home of 'this week's cliché' - Who else but a woman who veered between hatred and wanting to shoot people from Roxche single-handedly to avenge her dead family to sweet lady who is quite happy to betray her country in the name of a treasure hunt. It's been done too many times before to be anything but eye-rollingly obvious what was going to happen from the very first frame she stepped into, and so it proved here.

I have to confess, Allison to Lillia really isn't that bad at this juncture, it just isn't something that's going to shock, surprise or amaze you either. At almost every point of the episode I could see what was coming up next, and I'm no clairvoyant, which is pretty much all you need to know about how predictable this series has been so far. Will the excitement crank up a notch next time around? We shall see, but it still plays a little too much like Tintin to me right now, with Wil making for a fine Snowy. Only less cute. Obviously.

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