Sunday, 25 November 2012

Space Brothers - Episode 34

As we saw at the end of the last episode of Space Brothers, Hibito is having a ball on the moon, skipping around the planet's surface like a kid and showing not a care when it comes to entering their lunar base while his comrades show more than a few nerves when it comes to removing their helmets and space suits for the first time.

Perhaps most intriguingly though, Hibito has already seen something strange catch his eye on the moon - something sparkling out of the corner of his eye which clearly is of more than a little interest to him given his previous encounter with UFOs.  That said, there's work to be done, so there's little time to do any more than briefly ponder this phenomenon for the time being.

Back on Earth, Mutta is facing some unusual experiences of his own, that being a surfeit of good luck.  Whether it's winning a supermarket lottery (although winning three months supply of toilet rolls is hardly the grandest of prizes), having his dropped wallet picked up by a pretty girl or something else entirely, everything seems to be going right.  Normally, you'd expect this to be seen as a good omen, but not in Mutta's case, as he worries that he's frittering his good luck away on frivolous incidents to leave him with nothing when he really needs some good luck - that being a few days later, when the results of the final JAXA selection exam are announced.

That's right, next week is going to bring us back to crunch time for our would-be astronauts as we finally get to find who has and hasn't been selected, although knowing this series I wouldn't be surprised if that's spread out over more than one episode.  Unfortunately, that build up to the big news moving forward left this week's instalment feeling a little empty - there were some fun moments on Earth and great pieces of tension-building on the moon (which continues to be where the most fascinating material lays overall), but nothing for us to really get our teeth into.  My molars are certainly gnashing for what's coming up however, so hopefully that will see Space Brothers back to its best once more.

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