Friday, 30 November 2012

Medaka Box Abnormal - Episode 8

If you're expecting a touching reunion between sisters in this week's Medaka Box, then expect away, because that ain't what you're getting.

Even though Naze's lost memories of her role in the Kurokami family seem to have at least somewhat returned, she still has no interest in either her (now ailing) brother or her sister, while for Medaka's part she seems happy to regard Naze as both an enemy and a sister (a concept to which I'm sure many people with siblings can understand).  Of course, Medaka's problem is that she's trusting to a fault, and when she offers to swap places with Maguro as Naze's guinea pig for her formula that suppresses abnormalities, Naze uses it as an opportunity to disable both of them.

Not that Medaka is brought down permanently that quickly, and she's soon back on her feet again regardless of "losing" her abnormality, meaning that Naze has to pull the exact same trick again, this time offering up an "antidote" to the previous jab which is, in fact, designed to wipe Medaka's memory.  This time around it seems that this is too much even for this all-powerful Kurokami daughter, and she's whisked away for brainwashing by Miyakonojou.  Is this the end of it all?  Possibly not, as the remaining members of the student council find themselves offered assistance from some unlikely sources... although with the so-called "Plus Six" arriving on the other side of the conflict, things certainly aren't getting any easier for our increasingly ragtag bunch of "heroes".

There was certainly no shortage of stuff going on in this week's Medaka Box, although dialogue-heavy as it is it remains pretty light on, well, animation for the most part.  There are some interesting things going on however, and the episode has a few snappy lines and jokes to boot, but if only GAINAX could find some visual panache to help things along a little further.

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