Saturday, 17 November 2012

Robotics;Notes - Episode 6

Kai has certainly stumbled across some intriguing stuff as of last week's episode of Robotics;Notes, but was is going to do with the elements he's uncovered from here?

The answer - do a little more digging, as he quizzes AI Airi some more, finding out that she is in some way lined to Aki's sister Misaki, which in trun is the reason that Airi knows all about Kai amongst other things.  The more important question seems to be what exactly lies within the abandoned building where Airi "lives", and with a little more investigation the source of the strange signals Kai has picked up becomes apparent - a bunch of equipment that is, ostensibly, simply firing signals out into space.  The whys and whereforths of this revelation are yet to be revealed....

Away from all of this, things seem to be looking up for the Robotics Club - despite her misgivings, Daitoku pays the club a visit and soon turns into a regular guest/member of the group, while Subaru is finally making some headway with the incredibly awkward to deal with Furugoori in terms of persuading her to program the Kill-Ballad control system to work with his M45 robot.  With Kona now officially a member (albeit a "remote worker" as she still refuses to leave her home) and sponsorship secured, the future is bright... at least, until Subaru's father turns up and throws a massive wrench into the proverbial works as some family drama comes home to roost.

It's that dramatic aspect of Robotics;Notes which is perhaps the worst thing about this week's episode - it arrives apropos of nothing into this instalment, and feels decidedly clichéd in its construction to resemble the kind of stuff we've seen in anime a million times before.  On the plus side, we've scratched a little deeper into the surface of the mystery that Kai has been looking into, and the character roster is being fleshed out nicely (although I still can't decide if Furugoori is hilarious or incredibly irritating... possibly both), so there's certainly no shortage of stuff to keep my interest provided the show can pull its disparate elements together as it progresses.

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