Thursday, 15 November 2012

GIRLS und PANZER - Episode 5.5

No anime series needs a recap after just five episodes, and this is certainly true in the case of GIRLS und PANZER.  Regardless though, the production studio clearly does need a recap episode to buy them some time to work on the rest of the series, and given how much I've enjoyed the series so far I'm a-okay with that.

Of course, this recap is really very bog standard stuff, running us through the characters, scenario and story so far, arguably spending too much time on its main characters and not enough time on the tanks and action segments of the show, which are undoubtedly the best bit.

If nothing else, and in the name of making the best of a bad job, I did at least appreciate a more former introduction to the other Tankery teams running alongside Miho's - it feels like a lot of those characters have been virtually nameless up to this point, so a quick run through was no bad thing.  Similarly, an opportunity to focus a little more on the traits of the tanks we've seen in the show was pretty enjoyable in places too, especially when it planted its tongue in its cheek every now and then ("it has cute round doors"...).

Even with this, filler is filler, but the latter part of the episode at least reminded me (if it were needed) how much I'm looking forward to seeing episode six and more from the national inter-school tournament.  Bring it on!

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