Thursday, 29 November 2012

Psycho-Pass - Episode 8

As the bodies rack up and Rikako Oryo plans even more "works of art", the net closes around the all-girls private school she attends - but is that net trying to catch the right fish?

Despite supposedly being overly invested in the case at hand, Kogami seems remarkably clear in his thinking as he dismisses the prospect that the likely culprit of the murders which took the life of his former detective partner is the same assailant as the person responsible for these latest grisly deaths, most notably due to the lack of panache shown in the location of the bodies discovery.  To back up his theory, Kogami and Akane pay a visit to the prison which houses those with the highest Psycho-Pass ratings - the ones that are still alive anyhow - to mine one particular individual for information.

It's this information, and knowledge of her father's art works, that lead straight to the feet of Rikako - if his colleagues doubt Kogami's abilities in this case, his Dominator certainly doesn't lie when it outs Oryo's incredibly high Psycho-Pass rating.  The only remaining problem is how to catch her in a school full of supporters amongst both the students and elsewhere, and even after making some more disturbing discoveries within the school premises Rikako seems all set to make good her escape.  Unfortunately for Oryo, it seems that she is simply the monkey to the organ grinder and puppet master above her, and now that her usefulness is outlived so is her time, with the attention of her superior turning elsewhere... namely, towards Kogami himself.

Grisly and brutal though it might have been, this was a great ending to an excellent arc - provided that you can ignore its one massive plot hole (private school or not, why not just check the Psycho-Pass of every student and staff member in the school to find their criminal?) it was snappily paced and written before bringing things to a close as far as this arc is concerned while still leaving the wider story very much open and in an even more compelling position than when it started.  As long as you can stomach its rather graphic and pull no punches handling of its characters when push comes to shotgun, Psycho-Pass is still well and truly where it's at for the autumn season if you're looking for a series that you can get your teeth into.

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