Thursday, 15 November 2012

Psycho-Pass - Episode 6

If you hadn't pegged Kogami as a character with a troubled past from the outset, then... what show have you been watching exactly?  Anyhow, as well as a glimpse into the cause of Kogami going off the rails and ending up as an Enforcer, it seems that the crime which caused his fall from grace could well be about to come back at haunt him.

First things first though, Akane is certainly more than a little intrigued by what she's learned about Kogami so far, particularly given that he too was a high flier and inspector before a particularly grisly murder case claimed one of his colleagues and sent him off the rails.  While asking around and doing some digging fills her in on the story, she still seems to be finding it difficult to correlate the scenario with Kogami's current status.

Meanwhile, previous plot threads such as the murders in the robot manufacturing plant and the cases of murder and identity theft in the virtual world come back to the fore as Kogami seems determined to link them to the unsolved case which took the life of former comrade Sasayama - his theory also seems to branch out towards the other main subject of this episode, that being an all-girls school created to protect those within it from unwanted influences upon their psyche; all well and good, except it seems that the biggest threat of them all is the leading light of the student body, Rikako Oryo....

Now that it has so many of its balls up in the air, I'm fascinated to see just how Psycho-Pass is going to try and juggle them - some aspects of its story are threatening to feel a little too unbelievable (sadistic killer lesbians in a private school, anyone?), but if it ties most of the show's cases so far in a suitably impressive way then I'd happily forgive it such qualms and end up decidedly impressed with the whole thing.  This feels exactly like the kind of episode that doesn't deserve to judged in isolation, acting as it does almost as a bridge between previous instalments and what is to come.  It seems to be carrying a lot of promise inherent in its plot that is growing exponentially in complexity (a trait that feels a little Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex-like in itself), which is a heavy weight on its shoulders, but could make it into one of this year's anime giants if it carries it all through to its goal without straying too far from its core ideas.

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