Sunday, 25 November 2012

Little Busters! - Episode 8

With the Little Busters growing in numbers, it seems like the group might just have found themselves another member - a talented one this time around too - from an unlikely source.

The person in question is Kudryavka Noumi, or Kud for short, and after seeing much-travelled transfer student playing with some dogs and a frisbee, it becomes clear that she's a pretty accomplished catcher - something she proves to be equally adept with when it comes to using a baseball instead.  Thus, the Little Busters have grown in number once again, much to Kud's delight.

Her excitement at being part of the group stems from one very simple problem - Kud is lonely; indeed, she doesn't even have a room-mate.  Clearly this is no good, and thus Naoe leads the charge to find Kud a room-mate in spite of the request coming at a time of the school year when everyone is settled down as far as rooming arrangements go.  As time passes, finding other girls who have nobody to share their room with is one thing, but finding a suitable room-mate is quite another - Rin is too shy, Kurugaya is too... well, perverted... and quiet class bookworm Nishizono has enough books to make sharing a room with her potentially fatal.  In the end, the room-mate Kud is looking fo comes from a seemingly unlikely source to save the day just as all hope seems to be lost...

Aside from some flashes of amusement here or there and speckled across the episode, this was a pretty run of the mill instalment of Little Busters - there was no great drama or emotional core, and no particularly wide-ranging opportunities for some comedy to leave us with an episode that was a little flat and uninspiring, to the point where there really isn't a whole lot to say about it.

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