Sunday, 11 November 2012

Little Busters! - Episode 6

With a seemingly innocuous event triggering the kind of full-on breakdown for Komari that only female characters in Key titles can have, what are the rest of the Little Busters to do with her?

Now that all of her memories surrounding her brother have come flooded back, we get a glimpse into the root cause of all her troubles - a plea from said brother to imagine that the whole thing was just a dream upon his passing.  While his goal was surely one of kindness towards Komari, it has clearly instead twisted into a situation which causes her considerable mental turmoil whenever anything reminds her of his death, and on this occasion Naoe seems to become the cipher for her missing brother, in turn causing him even more pain.

But just how can Naoe and company snap Komari out her current situation?  Although he's assured that her condition will pass in a few weeks, Naoe wants a more permanent fix, and after much soul-searching he believes that he's found his solution - to write an extension to the picture book written by Komari's brother for her to assure her of a brighter future.  But does it work?  This series being what it is, of course it does, and come the end of this first story arc proper Komari is not only as right as rain but looking forward to her future without fear.

Despite its build-up being pretty contrived, and equally in spite of the resolution to this arc being a bit silly, this week's episode of Little Busters still made for a satisfyingly emotional climax to the arc that ticked all of the boxes that it needed to.  It still feels overly simplistic compared to some other Key adaptations, but that's forgiveable all things considered, and hopefully this is a decent point for the rest of the series to push on with in an interesting fashion.

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