Monday, 12 November 2012

My Little Monster - Episode 7

Shizuku might have made herself perfectly clear in terms of how she now views Haru (even if her words don't exactly ring true compared to her actions), but Haru isn't exactly the kind of person to take a hint.

Thus, any disappointment on his part is short-lived before he redoubles his efforts to win over Shizuku, confessing to her once again and following her around rather like he did earlier in the series to the point where Shizuku complains that he's constantly invading her personal space - something which Haru doesn't really take kindly too.

With the culture festival building up around them, the only thing to pique Shizuku's interest outside of studying is the chance to make some profit on the side out of her classes stall - an opportunity which requires a prime position within the school, but a situation which is ruined by Haru's usual quick temper when it comes to anyone so much as laying a hand on Shizuku.  As the festival draws nearer, Shizuku's feelings wax and wane despite her inner turmoil when it comes to Haru, and just when it seems that she's about to give in to her emotions up come those barriers again.  Haru certainly has his fair share of problems, but it's fast becoming clear that Shizuku has obstacles of her own in the way when it comes to being honest with herself.

Although I'm continuing to enjoy My Little Monster for a number of reasons (Shizuku, Shizuku and Shizuku being the top three, with Natsume also bringing a lot to this particular episode), I am a bit worried by Haru's revolution into a... "less than likeable" character - watching him invading Shizuku's personal space so insistently despite her making it clear that it made her feel uncomfortable is hardly the most edifying sight in the world, and it's another of those moments within the series that makes it hard to cheer on the main couple when one of the two parties is not really deserving of the other.  It's a good job that Shizuku's own forceful personality rescues this to some extent, but it does make her feelings for Haru hard to fathom overall, which in turn takes a little of the sheen away from My Little Monster's otherwise enjoyable viewing experience.

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