Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Jormungand: Perfect Order - Episode 5

By this point in Jormungand, I can only assume that the surname Hekmatyr is Scandanavian for "trouble" or something, given the unwanted attention both brother and sister seem to attract thanks to their line of work.

The continuation of this latest story arc certainly confirms that they have some enemies in high places, with Kasper the subject of interference from a highly secretive group that is in fact part of Japan's "Special Research" squad - not a unit dedicated to researching portal guns or anything, but rather what is effectively a Japanese spy ring that operates out of Jakarta and has carved itself into the arms dealing landscape.  Luckily for Kasper, Koko has a former member of the SR on her crew - Akihiko Tojo, who is more than willing to divulge what he knows about his former boss and his methods.

As seems to be the way with these things (honour amongst thieves and all that), Tojo is even willing to call up his former commander to happily inform him that he's still working for HCLI and that the two of them are now effectively opponents.  But has Akihiko made a crucial oversight while making this announcement?  Aformentioned commander Hino seems to think so, but as Kasper's operations are directly attacked and seemingly easily picked off by his own unit of troops, it seems as if there's no real danger present.  With Koko now in the SR's firing line however, it might just be that this is the miscalculation that Hino was reliant upon...

Perhaps its the benefit of having an established cast and world, but Jormungand: Perfect Order continues to feel more more solid and consistent that the show's first season at this juncture - it still lacks a little when it comes to animating its action scenes, but its wheeling, dealing and arms dealer backstabbing with secret agencies aplenty is frequently both fascinating and fun to watch.  It'll never be Black Lagoon, but in spite of that comparison (for which I am responsible on at least a few occasions) it's truly starting to feel like Jormungand has managed to strike out on its own path to neatly sidestep those comparisons - so much the better for this series, I'd say.

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