Thursday, 29 November 2012

GIRLS und PANZER - Episode 7

If there's one thing I learned very quickly from watching Girls und Panzer up to this point, it's that any drama borne from the show's universe outside of tank battles tends to be very short-lived.  So it goes with this week's episode, as the news of Mako's grandmother's collapse is largely resolved in short order and with nothing much to worry about.

That leaves the rest of the episode free for preparation with an eye towards the next round of national Tankery tournament matches - preparation that takes on several facets over the course of its running time.  For Miho's part, she finds herself considering her family's insistence that she carry on their Tankery tradition, while we also finally get a full flashback to the incident which caused her to quit the sport in the first place despite her brave actions being potentially life-saving.

Also of concern for Miho is the fact that never mind a star of the school, she's now the centre of attention for all of her fellow club members, which leaves her inundated with requests for help and advice that she can't possible hope to field all of.  Luckily it's here that a little team spirit comes into play, with some of the other girls lending their own expertise to help out wherever they can.  Eventually this involves a hunt for yet more tanks on account of Miho's concern that their current line-up won't cut it in their next match - it just so happens that the Tankery club of years gone by has supposedly left some more vehicles just laying around waiting to be discovered by anyone with an inkling to do so, potentially giving them some more fire-power for the future.

Ignoring the largely pointless nature of its drama as it fails to do much for either the plot or the characters, Girls und Panzer doesn't have quite the verve away from the Tankery field as it does on it, but it still knows how to entertain and amuse in sufficient quantities to continue to be pretty enjoyable - at least, it produced a few laugh out loud moments for me and made me smile a whole bunch, so it must be doing something right.  This is but a stop-gap for what we're all really waiting for, that being a return to battle at the tournament - with next week's episode called "We're Fighting Pravda" surely such action will abound!

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