Sunday, 18 December 2011

Working'!! - Episode 12

Not only is this the penultimate episode of Working's second season, but it's also a record-breaking one, as Inami celebrates a new achievement in terms of the number of days she's gone without punching anybody!

Despite this new landmark in her androphobia, Inami still wants to test herself and push herself to the limit - but how to do it without endangering the lives of the men working at Wagnaria?  The answer seems simple enough - to dress Inami as a guy.  Sadly, this doesn't quite have the desired effect, but at least Inami's relationship with Takanashi continues to improve, to the point where they're ready to exchange texts; a scenario which offers some of Takanashi's siblings both joy and concern at the same time.

After a little aside to prove Yamada's incompetence and inability to do anything of note by herself, it's Inami's plight (or rather her improvement) that continues to be the focus throughout the episode, with the only potential blemish upon her recent record coming via a tour of Wagnaria's men-folk which sees Soma almost coming a cropper before Daisy "steps up" to take the physical punishment on his behalf.  Still, it's a worthy sacrifice for Inami's happiness, right?

I'm sure it's already become pretty clear that episodes involving Inami tend to be my favourites within this series, but I'd like to think that even without that link this was amongst the best episodes of Working in general, and this second season in particular, that the show has had to offer.  In terms of both visual and verbal humour it worked a treat throughout, with loads of great lines and situations that wring ever last bit of entertainment out of the scenarios in question to leave me almost breathless with laughter on occasion.  It can be easy to forget how effective this series is when it hits top gear, but this penultimate episode was a great reminder of that, and enough to leave you regretting that it's almost at an end once again.

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