Thursday, 15 December 2011

Persona 4: The Animation - Episode 11

No matter how impressive their efforts in rescuing potential victims from the strange netherworld beyond the television, it seems that Narukami and company still aren't capable of saving everybody, as we find ourselves with another body strung up by a television aerial in Inabi.

This time around the victim is the teacher of some of our Persona-wielding crew, Mr. Morooka - a moron he may be, but his untimely death leaves all and sundry wondering whether they've been barking up the wrong tree with their investigation thus far, even if it's nothing that lamenting over a bowl of udon won't fix.

Murder aside, this episode still brings its fair share of surprises, not least the visit of Teddie to the real world - not only that, but it seems that he's spent the intervening period growing his own real-life, human body to strut around in - and rather dashing it is too.  Meanwhile, we have a couple of other oddballs to concentrate on - the boy with the cap who has been loitering around the area previously introduces himself as Naoto Shirogane, a young detective working on the murder case himself in an official capacity.  Then we have Mitsuo, the weird guy who asked Yukiko out earlier in the series who has only taken a turn for the creepier since then.  Indeed, Mitsuo even insists that it's he who is the murderer, seemingly putting an end to the quest to find the killer - but surely things can't be that simple, especially given that the Midnight Channel has fired up once again...

It might not grab the attention quite as much as recent episodes coming as it does between rescue arcs as it does, but if you'd almost forgotten that there was a murderer on the loose to worry about (as I admittedly had for a while back there) then this brings that concern back to the front and centre of the series via some interesting developments which hold more than enough interest to power the episode.  Add to that the show's growing confidence in terms of humour and leveraging its characters, and Persona 4: The Animation is still going strong.

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