Monday, 19 December 2011

Squid Girl Season 2 - Episode 11

When Sanae thinks she's figured out the power of hypnosis, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who she most wants to use it upon - watch out, Squid Girl...

Of course, Sanae's hypnosis isn't quite as effective as she might like to think, a problem not helped by the others at the restaurant playing along with her whims.  When Squid Girl turns up with some truly impressive hypnotic powers however, it's a different matter entirely, although of course ultimately it appears that her ability is nothing more than another of "The Three Stooges" crazy inventions.

Speaking of which, it's The Three Stooges that also feature heavily in this week's second segment, as they join forces with the owner of the beach's rival restaurant to create the ultimate Squid Girl robot clone - a terrifying but nonetheless quite impressive beast.  When beating Squid Girl at working in the restaurant turns into an outright beach-side battle, this machine proves to be equally impressive, leaving our titular character on the proverbial ropes.  It's lucky then that there are some rather important limitations to this mechanical squid girl which allows her to turn things around.

From here, the final segment of this penultimate episode sees Squid Girl doing her darndest to be evil to people - something which seems to constantly backfire, even when it comes to annoying the normally terrifying Chizuru.  When Squid Girl is invited for a day out by Chizuru it seems as if she's about to get her comeuppance for her earlier errors of judgement - but maybe she's just lonely?

This was one of those episodes of Squid Girl that seemed to do everything right, and effortlessly so to boot - its core plot points were rich in comedic potential and mined equally well to make the most of them, with visual gags and one-liners meshed into a well-animated episode that was a joy to watch.  This comes as part of a series that has been pretty strong throughout overall - we're going to miss you when you leave our screens again after next week, Squid Girl.

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