Monday, 5 December 2011

Squid Girl Season 2 - Episode 9

A simple walk turns into a game of "house" (no, not the TV show with Hugh Laurie) for Squid Girl... or should I say Squid Man... as this latest episode of the series kicks off via a playtime session with a rather demanding little girl.

In fact, never mind her demanding nature, perhaps more worrying is her take on family life - as time goes on, she ends up roping Eiko, Sanae and Kiyomi into her game to create perhaps the most dramatically dysfunctional family of all time, complete with love triangles, illegitimate pregnancies and all... proof that too much TV drama is bad for children, no doubt about it!

Next up, Squid Girl finds herself dumped with some of Eiko and Chizuru's unwanted belongings, namely a schedule planner (not a Future Diary, thankfully...) and a rather large bag.  Thrilled as ever by the prospect of new things, Squid Girl looks to put these items to good use, ultimately taking the idea of scheduling her day a little too seriously until it all goes awry and pushes her to the other extreme of filling it with things she has no intention of carrying out - hey, that sounds like my work schedule!  Finally, a visit to an amusement park for Squid Girl and friends proves to be a bit of a damp squib, as the location so fondly remembered from Eiko's childhood turns out to have very little left in its favour.  Indeed, it's the park's last day, leading to her proclaiming that they'll enjoy the park to the very last - but can they really survive one whole day with only a single coffee cup ride to amuse them?

Another week, another fun episode of Squid Girl - even if it was front-loaded with the funniest part of the instalment's three stories to make the rest of the episode seem less amusing in comparison, it was still another entertaining outing to leave a smile on my face and to serve as the perfect antidote to a long Monday in the office.  You can't ask for anything more than that from this series, can you?

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