Thursday, 1 December 2011

Persona 4: The Animation - Episode 9

Now for something completely different... seemingly a million miles away from the sleepy town of Inaba, this week's Persona 4 introduces us to a pop idol and soon to be movie star named Rise Kujikawa (or Risette to her fans) - not that it seems like she'll be holding this position much longer, as she announces her intention to quit to her manager just before going on stage.

With her announcement out in the open, it's revealed that Rise will be moving to Inaba (or all places), where one of her relatives runs a tofu shop.  Of course, this is big news for all in the locale, and given her numerous television appearances Narukami and company fret that she might well be the next victim of the town's killer.

Lo and behold, before we know it Kujikawa seems to appear on the Midnight Channel, although having seen the broadcast for herself Rise denies that it's her.  While detective Dojima begins to find himself concerned by Narukami's proximity to his case upon catching him acting in line with his own investigations, we begin to dig at least a little into Rise's insecurities and worries as she befriends Narukami.  As Rise's troubles seem to mount yet further and the Midnight Channel makes another appearance, there's no doubt left as to who the next victim of a kidnapping is going to be...

In keeping with recent episodes, Persona 4: The Animation continues to feel like a far slicker, more considered production than its early outings, right the way through from its opening theme this week onwards.  While some of the comedy is threatening to become a little predictable in the way it's presented and handled, it still keeps a light-hearted tone near the surface while also finding time to build its characters and the general setting quite nicely.  This week's instalment might not be quite as memorable as recent episodes, but it sets the tone swiftly and with just the right focus for what is looking like our next major story arc.  Bring it on!

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