Saturday, 3 December 2011

Working'!! - Episode 10

We haven't focused too much on Inami's androphobia during the course of this second season of Working thus far, but that all changes for this tenth episode of the series.

With Inami already seemingly a little on edge, the last thing she needed was to share a break room with poor old Sato - unfortunately for both parties, that's exactly what happens, leading to a rather uncomfortable and rather ill-planned stand-off between the two of them.  This isn't the half of it though, as a later discussion between Inami and Takanashi, and perhaps more importantly the presence of some unstable cardboard boxes, bring this pairing into closer contact than they might otherwise have anticipated.

The result of this close encounter of the unexpected kind is to leave Inami more on edge than ever come their next shift together - an exhausting proposition that leaves her needing a nap in the break room, which turns into temptation aplenty for Takanashi as he spies a chance to touch the sleeping Inami.  The rest probably writes itself, but once Inami realises what has transpired, the subsequent shock leaves her bed-ridden and unable to attend either work or school, much to Takanashi and company's concern.

Although it's probably fuelled to some degree by my favouritism towards Inami within this series, this was a great episode of Working - not packed wall to wall with jokes perhaps, but with some fantastic lines, hilarious moments and nicely done set pieces.  It's a shame this was offset by a big drop in animation quality which frequently reared its head during the episode, but I guess you can't have everything - it's just nice to see a little focus on Takanashi and Inami's relationship again, especially when its backed up with enough funny moments to run alongside it.

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