Thursday, 8 December 2011

Un-Go - Episode 9

The novelist of the previous story arc's plans might have been put to a halt, but the catalyst for his "work", the mysterious Bettenou is still at large - a point which worries Shinjurou and also becomes a major focus of this new multi-part arc.

We being by focusing our attentions on a group known as Full Circle - a mysterious collection of hackers and crackers with a penchant for posting otherwise secret or private information into the public domain, like an Anonymous of their time.  A particular cause of Full Circle's ire seems to be Rinroku Kaishou, who is the subject of many of their leaks to bring him to the fore in term of public and media attention.

Given this interest in him, it's rather surprising that the normally unseen Kaishou decides to make a live TV appearance - in a debate surrounded by some of his fiercest critics no less.  Things take an even stranger turn when those present are publicly threatened with death by Full Circle shortly before the broadcast begins; a threat which becomes chillingly prescient when an explosion takes out the television studio used for the recording.  Given the circumstances, and with rumours of "killer microwave" weapons doing the rounds in the media, it's Kaishou himself who seems to site firmly at the centre of many people's suspicions, although such thoughts are perhaps tempered by the fact that he's also badly injured in the blast.  Or is he?  Daughter Rie's memories conflict with what seems to be the reality of the situation, and as Shinjurou digs a little deeper into the incident further discrepancies surface which suggest only one thing - Bettenou's influence.

Let's not beat around the bush here and, much like Inga's episode preview this week, give it to you straight - this was a brilliant episode of Un-Go.  Smart, ambitious and blending its futuristic setting with some very prescient modern comparisons (not least Full Circle's role in the story, as I've already mentioned) - this all works perfect when centred around its slight supernatural elements and, of course, the mystery component of the series.  Quite frankly, this week's episode barely puts a foot wrong as it delivers and progresses its story, and I really can't wait until next week as we move towards the show's denouement.  It might have taken a while for Un-Go to get up to speed, but my goodness is a seemingly unstoppable train right now.

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