Monday, 12 December 2011

Future Diary - Mirai Nikki - Episode 10

Episode ten of Mirai Nikki begins with Yuno digging a decidedly big hole (literally, not proverbially) - but to what end?  Hold that thought, as we'll return to it later.

In the mean-time however, the first half of the episode proper shifts our focus to Minene Uryuu - more specifically, it's a flash back to her relatively recent past as she finds herself taking on Third and his murder diary to no avail.  However, like fated lovers (because Murmur has been reading too much shoujo manga) she comes across her prince and saviour to rescue her from danger - okay, so he's actually just trying to arrest her, unaware of Third's true identity, but never mind - an attempt which shows us a slightly girlie side to our dynomaniac villain.

After this aside, we return our attentions to Yukiteru and Yuno, as the two of them get conned in different ways into spending the day together at the behest of Akise.  The trip in question is the stuff of dreams for Yuno, but that of nightmares for Yukkii - a bridal event for wannabe married couples which allows them to eat luxurious foods, dress for the part and even try out a wedding rehearsal.  It's almost enough for Yukkii to forgive Yuno her literal skeletons in the closet, but such thoughts are quickly pushed to one side as they return to Yuno's home to find that Akise has been enjoying an opportunity to have a snoop around.  There's not a corpse in sight however - just one massive, massive hole, as large as Yuno is deranged...

It seems that every episode of Mirai Nikki these days takes pleasure in cranking up Yuno's craziness another notch, and the big hole in the back garden is certainly the cherry on top her delicious cream puff of insanity (wait, that sounds wrong, doesn't it?) in an episode that was otherwise a little run of the mill, with both halves of the episode feeling a little like they were pandering to fans of both Uryuu and Yuno respectively by giving them an opportunity to be cute.  Then again, we probably need these occasional breaks in the insanity to ensure that our own sanity is left intact, so perhaps we should be grateful for such temporary distractions, and things don't like they'll be returning to normality within the series any time soon.  Whatever you do though Yukkii, don't marry a yandere, take it from me.

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