Saturday, 10 December 2011

Working'!! - Episode 11

It seems as if people are always going missing in and around the Wagnaria restaurant, and this latest episode of Working adds Daisy to the list of those missing in action.

"But who is Daisy?" I hear you ask - well, that's the name of Yamada's teddy bear gifted to her by Soma, and so distraught is she when said bear goes missing that effectively the restaurant's entire staff goes on the hunt for it.  Of course, such items are always in the last place you look (even Yamada isn't dumb enough to keep looking for something she's found), and they also tend to be in an obvious location that you've never thought about looking in for some reason.

With Yamada's problems solved, a quick segue-way involving Nazuna trying to learn how to become a better, more grown-up sister for her brother from her siblings (which is a bad idea on two counts, given her brother's proclivities and her sister's "unique" characteristics) gives way to some major worries for Yachiyo, as she overhears Sato and Mitsuki talking - in true anime style, Yachiyo mistakes Sato declaring his interest in her as his declaring an interest in Mitsuki, which throws her head into all kinds of turmoil.  This show being what it is, the misunderstanding at the core of all this is far from resolved, but normality is at least restored albeit in a slightly muddled way.

Having spent some time on other relationships within the restaurant of late, I suppose it's only fair that Yachiyo and Sato got their turn, no matter how convoluted that particular plot came in terms of refusing to resolve its misunderstanding.  Still, that aside this was a fun enough episode even if it was no classic, which perhaps didn't do itself any favours by parading its most entertaining section first - it's hard to hate Working simply for being itself however, so I can't be too harsh on it for only being mildly amusing this week.

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