Monday, 12 December 2011

Squid Girl Season 2 - Episode 10

When you're sat between Squid Girl and Chizuru, what chance does a girl have of getting their chopsticks on any grilled meat?  None whatsoever, as Eiko learns to her disappointment at the start of this week's Squid Girl.

Try and she might, all of her plans to grab some tasty beef for herself  fail to the point of backfiring on her in some instances, and come the end of it all it's Takeru who gets to enjoy the juiciest meat of all.  For the week's second segment, Ayumi gets taught some self-defence by Chizuru - not a bad idea at all given her abilities, although it turns out to be less of a good idea on Goro's part to volunteer as her demonstrator for these lessons.  Not that he seems to mind given that Chizuru ends up nursing him back to health after all of his injuries.

Finally for this week, it's time to inject a little festive spirit into the show, as our three MIT stooges come up with a machine to control the climate on a day so hot that the beach is deserted.  From nicely cooling the restaurant, things get a little over-the-top when it's mixed with a snow machine, and before we know it the gang have moved from enjoyable pursuits like building a snowman and igloo to fighting their way through an outright blizzard as the machine goes out of control.  Eventually normality returns, but just where has that pesky snow machine gone?  The national news seems to have the answer to that one...

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, this week's Squid Girl was a lot of fun - just like every week's episode, in other words, with a few big laughs to fill out the overall sense of amused satisfaction that comes with this series.  With only a couple of episodes left to run, I'm certainly going to miss this series when it comes to an end just after Christmas.

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