Friday, 2 December 2011

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai - Episode 9

After her adverse reaction to the packed swimming pool last episode, it seems that Yozora still has swimming on the brain as she demands that her charges in the Neighbours Club bring their swimsuits along to the club for their next meeting.  Mind you, given Yozora's idea of how to dress for swimming, perhaps it's better than she never made it poolside last week...

Aside from some horsing around (see what I did there?) in swimsuits, the real focus of this episode once again falls upon Sena, and more specifically her family - after agreeing to see if her private beach is available for a kind of "training camp" for the club, her father asks specifically to see Kodaka, meaning that himself and Kobato skip their usual club duties along with Sena to pay him a visit.

While Sena's father Pegasus isn't exactly normal himself, his welcome to Kodaka is beyond warm despite some oddities in his behaviour, as he allows both Kobato and Kodaka to stay the night, treating the latter like an old friend as he clearly did his father in the past.  From here, some predictable fan service-oriented moments happen, and of course Yozora is left in the cold for the second episode in succession, which could well have a bearing over the coming weeks.

After having so much fun with its early outings, why has Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai managed to become so incredibly dull of late?  Much of the humour has been drained away by this juncture, replaced with more and more blatant fan service, while any semblance of story and plot feels wafer thin as the show tries to cram ever-more boobs and backsides into the picture.  Given its promising start this seems like a hugely disappointing turn of events, and judging by the preview for next week's episode things aren't liable to change any time soon.

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