Monday, 29 August 2011

YuruYuri - Episode 9

On a hot, hot day in the world of YuruYuri, what better way to distract yourself from the heat than by sharing spooky stories?

Well, judging by this episode there are probably plenty of better ways to pass the time, as we drift through this and other random conversations without anything particularly amusing to catch our eyes or ears.  With all lines of conversation duly exhausted by the girls, its time to decamp to the student council room and its promise of air conditioning.

However, once there we seem to encounter a real life ghost of our own... or is it?  Of course - it is in fact the hitherto unseen student council president Matsumoto, who proves to be unique in her own particular way, that being that she's virtually mute (which also just so happens to be number one on my list of annoying anime character tropes - yippee!).  Thankfully, the second half of this episode also introduces us to the school science teacher Nishigaki, who proves to be far more entertaining as she looks for people to experiment with her latest concoctions on (so-called "explosion friends") while asserting that "explosions are the foundation of success".  Matsumoto's appearance does however bring us back to the subject of ghosts, and more importantly just where Akari has been for the entire episode...

Aside from a couple of decent moments featuring Nishigaki, this was generally a pretty dull episode with nothing in particular to mark it out or make it memorable at all - surprisingly so, since I was expecting more given the introduction of the student council president, who already seems to be a pretty insipid one-joke wonder.  I think we can probably file this one under "least funny episode of YuruYuri" at this juncture, which is perhaps saying something seeing as this wasn't the most hilarious of shows in the first place.

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