Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Kamisama Dolls - Episode 9

Although Utao and Kirio's little public skirmish might be long forgotten to most, it most certainly hasn't been forgotten by Kuuko's detective of a father - a bit of a worry, especially given that Utao isn't exactly the kind of girl to stand firm under impromptu questioning.

Although this continuing investigation into the mysterious "dolls" flying around Tokyo comes back into focus a few times throughout the episode (with both Kuuko and her father taking more than a passing interest in it), the rest of this week's instalment is a scattershot affair.  Moyako's appearance as she follows Koushirou and Kirio in tow to complete repairs on the latter's Seki drives some of this instalment's other occurences as she discusses Kirio's well-being and plays at least a small part in encouraging a meeting between him and Utao to make amends for their earlier scuffles - events which in turn sem to forge at least some slightly closer relationships in general between the Hyuga and Kuga clans, with our male protagonist in particular seemingly being pushed towards having to make some big decisions in the near future.

The big problem here is that we're fed crumbs of various storylines and occurrences, but none of it really meshes together in a particularly satisfactory manner - indeed, it feels rather like a mess as it jumps from one topic to another and then back again without any clear goal in mind, before dumping yet another new female character into the midst of proceedings out of the blue as the episode finishes.  Given that we only have a few more weeks of this series yet to run, this almost cries from the rooftops that nothing much will be resolved before it comes to an end, suggesting a disappointing finish to a series that has promised much but delivered little so far.

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