Friday, 26 August 2011

Sacred Seven - Episode 8

You didn't really think I'd forgotten about Sacred Seven, did you?  Okay okay, so I was a little tempted to erase it from my memory, but I'm not one to drop a series this far into its broadcast run so I was bound to get around to this eighth instalment sooner or later.

That said, this particular episode turns out to be rather a fluffy one - aside from some brief references towards the Ruri Foundation (and more specifically Kagami) investigating Kenmi and his organisation in the light of Knight's recent accusations, this particular instalment is really all about the bond between Ruri and Arma, weak though it seems to be.  While Ruri looks to bridge this gap by offering Arma a contract (no, not like Kyubey) to work for her, Hellbrick decides to intervene with a rather more "personal" ploy.

In essence, Hellbrick claims that to repair him from his current split in two state requires the procurement of a particular stone which also needs to be imbued with a certain amount of "devotion" - in other words, it's a slightly lazy ploy to get Arma and Ruri to go out on a date.  This they duly do, with Arma seeming as disinterested as ever while Ruri frets about all and sundry in a situation which finally comes to a head and allows the pair of them to clear the air (well, mostly at least) between one another and move a little bit closer as a result.  Hurrah!

Give its fluffiness, there isn't exactly a lot to this episode that couldn't be achieved elsewhere in the series, leaving us instead to do little more than try and extract some enjoyment from watching Ruri in a less elegant and decidedly more everyday scenario while wallowing in the deep and magical wonders of Megumi Nakajima's voice... although that last part might just have been me.  It's another pretty mediocre episode that underpins an average series, and there isn't a lot more I can add beyond that - there's only so many ways I can say "this series is okay" before I run out of ideas.

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