Sunday, 14 August 2011

Sacred Seven - Episode 7

With Ruri still in the clutches of Knight and his sidekick Fei, it's time to ramp up the search for his hidden base, thanks to a handily-placed transmitter which might help to lead the way.

Although Kagami is adamant that it would be dangerous for Tandoji to play any part in this search, needless to say our protagonist isn't really the type to site and around and do nothing, leading to him defying this request and eventually getting the go-ahead from Kagami to help with the hunt.  As for Ruri herself, she uses her feminine wiles and that age-old excuse of needing the toilet to overpower Fei, only to find that there's no escape from their underground lair anyway.

More importantly however, first Ruri and then Tandoji are given some shocking news about Kenmi and the truth about the work that goes on at his laboratory - work that involves experimenting on people like Knight, to the point of death in the case of Fei's brother... at least, as far as Fei knows.  Just as this story is beginning to sink in, so both Kenmi himself and the Darkstone we saw last episode appear, making for an action-packed finale to the episode which brings a big shock for Fei, before all parties eventually escape unscathed.  But was Knight telling the truth about Kenmi?  We know the answer to that already, but it remains to be seen what side of the fence Ruri will come down on.

Once again, Sacred Seven manages to be utterly traditional and predictable, yet it still retains enough of an entertainment factor to be worthwhile viewing.  It certainly isn't a series that requires much thought while you watching it, making it something of an undemanding action series that does its job well enough via decent production values and the odd cool moment here and there.  And sometimes, that's all you need.  Well, that and Megumi Nakajima's voice...

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