Monday, 15 August 2011

Ikoku Meiro no Croisée - Episode 7

Given all of her exploits and adventures in recent weeks, you can probably forgive Yune for feeling a little under the weather for this seventh episode of Ikoku Meiro no Croisée - not that she's going to admit to feeling poorly to anyone, mind you.

Despite having no appetite and not feeling so great, Yune does her best to carry on as normal, even running out of the shop to greet and talk to the young lad who stole a candlestick a couple of episodes previously - an encounter that gets her an overly harsh reprimand from Claude as they clash over the correct way to treat children.  I'm sure Yune would have sorted out those looters in London in no time...

After a chat with the always-energetic Alice (who seems to have gotten the wrong idea about all sorts of Japanese contraptions), Yune has another meeting with the young boy in question, where she says her goodbyes and tells him they can't talk again only to be spat out by an angry Claude once again.  After this contretemps, Yune finally succumbs to her illness and collapses in the hallway, causing more than a little consternation to Claude as he holds himself responsible for her feeling ill to the point where he even runs begging to Alice for a doctor to help her out.  Of course, such ailments are only fleeting, and by the end of it all not only have Claude and Yune made up, they've grown just that little bit closer once again.

While this week's instalment of Ikoku Meiro no Croisée perhaps wasn't quite as relaxing as some of its previous offerings on account of its subject matter, this particular episode managed to find a rather touching vein running through it.  Once again, a difference in cultural outlook was the catalyst for the episode, but beyond that the way everything panned out was far more personal than cultural and worked all the better for it, to the point where you couldn't help but get worked up worrying about and then sharing Yune's emotions yourself.  In other words, this is another expertly crafted episode from a wonderful little series.

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