Saturday, 13 August 2011

Kami-sama no Memo-chou - Episode 6

In last week's episode, Narumi made himself a new friend in Renji Hirasaka at the exact same time trouble began to develop in the midst of Hinamori's group and their efforts in music promotion.  Of course, there couldn't possibly be any link between these two things, right?

As Narumi bumps into Renji once again, the two chat about various things as they further cement their friendship, before the latter tries to dissuade the former from heading back to "work" at a nearby music club.  The reason for this?  Someone is about to try and burn the place down, as Narumi soon witnesses as he arrives there slightly late to find the building evacuated and, eventually, an anxious Alice on his case.

Despite all of this, it seems that Narumi wants to protect Renji for some reason, an emotion that is only increased as he hears about the past links between Soichirou Hinamori and Renji; links which were ripped asunder by reasons as yet unexplained.  Even when Narumi and Ayaka find themselves attacked by Renji's thugs, Narumi still doesn't want to do anything to jeopardise his friend's safety even at the risk of his own.  Thus, he looks to take matters into his own hands with the insistence that he can resolve this dispute himself, despite Alice alternately imploring him not to get involved and helping him out as best she can, even if that only means lending him a stuffed animal.

I can't really sugar coat this episode of Kami-sama no Memo-chou, because to be perfectly honest it was rather dull.  Narumi's behaviour throughout the episode borders on the irrational, while a lot of the developments this episode seem to serve only to push him closer in his relationship to Alice - not a bad thing itself, but it still feels clumsily achieved.  Ultimately, there just isn't anything to get excited about to my mind in this story of turf war and a ruined friendship, and I'm more than a little dismayed to see it stretching out into a third episode.  Perhaps its finale will prove differently, but at the moment this particular story just doesn't feel worthy of the time afforded it.

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