Monday, 8 August 2011

YuruYuri - Episode 6

After the shocking climax to last week's episode, you might be forgiven for expecting some fallout in today's instalment - indeed, episode six seems to tease just that in its first few seconds but alas, normal service is resumed entirely despite what transpired between Chinatsu and Akari previously.

Anyway, after a quick, amusing and utterly random session of the main characters changing their faces by rubbing their cheeks (so that's how they do it on Nichijou what pros), we delve into what proves to be a largely art-related episode - a kind of Vision On with wannabe lesbians if you will.  The whole thing is started by s first year's admiration for Kyoko's artistic ability, which sets off her artistic passion as she happily draws out a scenario featuring herself and Yui.  The contents of this both enrages and inspires Chinatsu, causing her to create her own utterly terrifying work of art, which can only be relegated to the background thanks to the judicious use of clay and some decidedly provocative sculpture work from the ever-talented Kyoko.

For the second half of the episode, it's time to visit Yui's house again, only this time she's looking after a relative's kid - a child who just so happens to be a big fan of Mirakurun.  Cue Chinatsu having to spend the afternoon cosplaying as and pretending to be said character to keep the kid happy, until all of her good will is sapped and the poor girl simply snaps, dashing her new-found friend's dreams in the process.

Overall, and despite that uncomfortable ending to its previous instalment, this was possibly the most entertaining episode of YuruYuri so far - it just about got its balance of sex and lesbian-related jokes right against the other gags it offered up (and it helped that some of the more perverted jokes were actually funny this time around), to create a package that wasn't particularly laugh out loud funny but was still worthy of some giggles.  I'm starting to think that this series is simply better when it doesn't have Chitose and the rest of her student council counterparts around, in all honesty...

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