Saturday, 20 August 2011

Blood-C - Episode 6

Having left us with a big, far cliff-hanger a couple of weeks ago, we've been left hanging on the fate of Nene and Saya as they both find themselves caught unawares by the unexpected appearance of an Elder Bairn.

Despite being unarmed, Saya still tries her best to protect her friend - not that Nene is much help as she runs around and generally acts like a headless chicken in the face of this danger.  Actually, the phrase "headless chicken" probably isn't the best choice in this scenario, as Saya's dash for a katana leaves her friend exposed for long enough for the Elder Bairn to.... well, let's just say it's been getting its attack ideas from Puella Magi Madoka Magica's Charlotte.

Needless to say, this gruesome (and censored) attack on her friend leaves Saya in shock, and eventually it's left to her dad to step in and send her off to sleep.  When she awakes, she finds herself confused and disoriented and unable to properly recall what has just happened right in front of her eyes - an uneasy feeling which hasn't dampened as she returns to school the next day, and a sensation exacerbated when it's announced to the class that Nene is missing and the school is set to be closed for the delay at the request of police.  As she makes her way home, things get even more surreal, between a talking dog and an appearance from Nono, which brings about another session of blood, cuts and gruesomeness as Saya is again forced into action as her psyche threatens to further disintegrate - a threat which may well reveal more truths about her past.

If you've been tuning into this series for its blood and guts, then despite those early cake and coffee-laden episodes we now certainly have plenty going on in that department, and I have to say that this episode's darker moments were genuinely shocking and disturbing (even with its TV broadcast censorship in place), so mission accomplished on that front.  There's still a question mark over whether there's sufficient plot in place to back all of this up, but things are certainly moving apace in the right direction, and at this half-way point in the series Blood-C is threatening to turn into quite the unexpected monster, and compellingly so.

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