Sunday, 7 August 2011

Sacred Seven - Episode 6

After it all went a little quiet following episode three, as we reach the half-way point of Sacred Seven we find Knight Kijima returning as a thorn in the side of all involved within the series as episode six kicks off with a tasty dose of action.

Knight's problem as it stands is that he's run out of pre-prepared serum to stop him turning irrevocably into a Darkstone, and what's more trying to create more serum using the blood of his fellow escapee isn't doing the trick either, meaning that he needs to find another way of getting his "fix".  Meanwhile, Tandoji finds himself having rather less serious problems in the form of Ruri's constant attentions and refusal to give him space - a state of affairs that leads to Ruri believing that Arma finds her annoying, sinking her into something of a depression.

All this is enough compared to what Ruri is about to experience however, as Knight's desperation sees him hatching a plot to distract Kagami and kidnap Ruri with a view to using her to create his much-needed serum.  As he succeeds in snatching her away (and literally snapping Hellbrick in two in the process), his actions cause consternation not just for Kagami and, later, Tandoji, but also for Kenmi and his own research institute.  While Arakune faces off against Knight as he targets Arma, he still manages to make good his escape... although not before being tracked by Kenmi and company.  Can they save Ruri before it's too late?  Well, that's a question to hold on to until next week's episode...

As seems to be par for the course with Sacred Seven, this is a solid yet unspectacular episode - pretty well animated, with pretty decent action and a somewhat interesting story.  It isn't the kind of thing you can really get fired up about, or the kind of series to leave you on the edge of your seat, but it remains watchable and likeable enough to persevere with and be entertained by.

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