Sunday, 14 August 2011

Tiger & Bunny - Episode 20

Thanks to the previous episode of Tiger & Bunny, we finally learned the real, unadulterated truth about the killer of Barnaby's parents - indeed, Barnaby also learned this very same truth, although sadly it seems that he isn't going to be able to remember it for long...

With the truth about Mr. Maverick briefly out in the open before a little mind-altering NEXT ability ensured that Barnaby wouldn't be able to hold on to the truth for more than a fleeting moment, Maverick turns his attentions to the only other person who might know more than would be comfortable for him - that being Kotetsu.  Thus, with Barnaby supposedly missing to the minds of the other heroes, Kotetsu is called to Maverick's office with the intention of rewriting his memories as well - a plan which quickly goes awry as his attempts to drug Kotetsu's coffee goes flat (he should swap notes with the science teacher from Nichijou) before he's called away by Barnaby's housekeeper Samantha on account of the information she holds which could pin down the true killer's identity.

From here, it's left to Maverick to pull the strings in an even more grandiose fashion, as he uses his subordinates to engineer a terrorist incident  to keep Tiger and company busy, and while this goes on he kidnaps Samantha to prevent her from talking.  With Kotetsu deciding to look for Samantha after his impromptu mission is finished, Maverick has ample time for the most dastardly part of his plan - wiping the other heroes of their memory of Kotetsu, and framing him as Samantha's killer, leaving him as nothing other than a fugitive.

Although I'm still decidedly lukewarm on this sudden revelation surrounding the killer of Barnaby's parents and the "inside job" going on within Hero TV, I can't help but put that to one side and admit that it's led to the delivery of a pretty intriguing and fast developing plot.  Maverick's machinations make for compelling stuff in and of themselves, but once you factor in Kotetsu's precarious position and the question of whether a well-known hero can suddenly be wiped off the map (even if almost everyone who knows his secret identity have had their memories altered) and you have some exciting times ahead for Tiger & Bunny.  I always look forward to catching this series every week, but on this particular occasion I'm not sure I can actually wait a week for another instalment (especially given that I'll be away next weekend and probably unable to watch it for a while).

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