Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Kamisama Dolls - Episode 6

After suffering damage in last week's episode, it's off to Karakami village, the home of the kakashi, to get Kukuri repaired for this sixth instalment of the series.

Indeed, the brief synopsis of the episode could probably be simply "Kukuri gets repaired" as that's perhaps the headline progression of this instalment, but beyond that there are plenty of other things going on in the background.  To some extent, this is just filling out parts of the show's back story - explaining just how the kakashi work and communicate with their Seki on a part by part level (special trees, effectively), exploring the "telepathic" bond shared by said trees which can also be used by those in the vicinity of their forest (which is really just a clumsy way of introducing soon to be head of the family which repair kakashi, Moyako, and more specifically her relationship with Aki), and introducing some new characters including the aforementioned Moyako and her younger sister Yurako, the latter of whom has a decidedly overbearing interest in young Utao.

The other major point of note this week is confirmation that the boy Utao and company encountered back in Tokyo is indeed her twin brother, named Kirio - while his father knows nothing of him (and claims that he doesn't even want to know as it can't be anything good), Utao's grandfather confirms both his existence and status when asked, revealing that he was taken away by the rival Hyuga clan before he was even born.  With that knowledge locked away, the climax to the episode suddenly turns into some kind of fan service-led comedy as it comes to its end, pulling as many tricks out of its play book as it possible can to allow us to see Hibino's bra.  Oh, and of course this wouldn't be Kamisama Dolls with another clunky cliffhanger to really close things out.

After some improved episodes of late, this was a pretty mediocre episode of Kamisama Dolls in all honesty - it's difficult to slate it completely given that everything depicted was necessary to progress the story and keep things moving, but that didn't really make it particularly interesting either (assuming you aren't watching to see Hibino's bra of course).  It seems as though we aren't done with the goings-on in Karakami just yet either, but whether this is good news or bad for the viewer remains to be seen - I can't help but think that this show works best when it has kakashi crashing around Tokyo, however.

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