Thursday, 5 June 2014

Nanana's Buried Treasure - Episode 9

The appearance of Hiiyo Ikusaba in town has ruffled the feathers of all and sundry who have encountered him, and this shows no sign of changing as this week's Nanana's Buried Treasure begins.

Then again, Juugo has other things to preoccupy himself with for a while, namely a "date" which is in fact an opportunity to hang out with Tetsu and Yun amongst others.  Ironically, even this fun day out is almost spoiled by Ikusaba's presence (not to mention Juugo forgetting to buy putting for his flatmate), but it seems that his attention is elsewhere as he comes to blows with the Adventure Club's Kagetora - an encounter which doesn't end well for him, incidentally.

However, Yun soon finds herself at the centre of Ikusaba's interest as this day out comes to an end for reasons which aren't immediately clear, with even Tetsu struggling to protect her as things escalate. As various factions seem to be moving down the same path regarding their thoughts on Ikusaba, we learn of his history within the Adventure Club from mere member to self-centred president, which ultimately led to him sacrificing one of the club's "minions" for his own ends, while Tensai returns with news of a case she's been involved in which is more than a little closely tied to his other movements.  It seems that Ikusaba is interested in acquiring a particular piece of the Nanana Collection - one that Nanana herself is willing to give out a hint regarding, on the proviso that Juugo not use the treasure's powers under any circumstances.

Although this week's episode was very much centred around building towards the show's final two episodes, it was still enjoyable enough - the series manages to keep things moving even when its web of events and characters threatens to get a little tangled, and Juugo remains a likeable and sometimes fascinating lead backed up by a solid cast of supporting characters. In a way, the story being set up at present feels like perhaps the most "normal" thing the series has done (at this juncture anyhow), yet I'm still looking forward to how it develops in a series that has rather surprised me with its overall quality for the most part.

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