Wednesday, 25 June 2014

No Game No Life - Episode 12 (Completed)

Try as they might to twist the game in their favour, it seems that Blank simply can't be beaten, leaving Izuna on the brink of defeat in the decidedly Japanese virtual world that makes up the game created by the Eastern Federation.

This isn't the end of the matter however, as Izuna has a trick of her own up her sleeve - the rare Warbeast power to surpass her own normal physical limitations. Thus, the game has changed again - Shiro is unable to predict where Izuna will be or what she'll do next, and the pair which make up Blank have nothing left in the tank except to run and run until they can't run any more. Once Sora's last-ditch effort falls flat, the game is up and the Eastern Federation victorious... or are they?  Everyone has reckoned without Steph of all people, who has been cunningly moved into position thanks to some intelligent use of the game's NPCs and other counter-measures to the Warbeast's "mind reading" abilities.

In other words, it is in fact Elkia who have won the game and thus all of the Eastern Federation's territory - a prospect which leaves Izuna inconsolable until reassured that her defeat won't cause any death or distress to her people. There remain issues to iron out even in the wake of this victory for Sora and Shiro however, as the Warbeasts have moved most of their technology and important persons off the continent, ostensibly to lure Elkia into another game in the hope of instant revenge, or at least an opportunity to secure self-government for their people. Tired of convoluted games, Sora's suggestion to resolve this issue is simple - a coin toss, and one that he manipulates into a draw to ensure that Elkia keeps their territory and the Warbeasts keep their self-sufficiency. With all of this resolved, Blank can reveal their ultimate plan to take on Tet.. oh, and call upon the world's number one-ranked Exceed.

Much like Nanana's Buried Treasure last week, No Game No Life ends on a note which has me clamouring for a second season, but even if it never emerges (and let's hope it does) that shouldn't overshadow the fact that this show has been a tremendous success overall. At times is pandering to fandom and fan service has been a little over-bearing, but when it manages to put that to one side or integrate it into the story a little more tidily it's provided easily some of the most entertaining episodes of any series in 2014 via some spectacularly grandiose tales told in a fashion befitting of them. These episodes and the glorious twists and turns surrounding them have been what has won me over here and interesting, colourful visuals and an enjoyable soundtrack have simply been the icing on this devious little cake.

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