Thursday, 19 June 2014

Selector Infected WIXOSS - Episode 12 (Completed)

Ruko has, to all intents and purposes, decided her upon her wish, but will having to face up to a determined Hitoe and LRIG Yuzuki quickly derail her plans?

As their part in Iona's "battle royale" rumbles on, it becomes clear that Hitoe is fighting against the very curse that afflicted her thanks to her last round as a Selector - her memories of her friends has returned, and in spite of the pain its causing her she's fighting to regain those friendships no matter what. Its this heartfelt dedication that only serves to further spur Ruko on in her convictions that her wish to save all of her friends could effectively break the system, and she's more than willing to beat Hitoe to do it.

With this duly done, it's onwards to face Iona herself, who seems more than a little pleased that it is indeed Ruko that is her final opponent. A daunting prospect she might be, but Ruko's demeanour is ice cold throughout - she isn't even having fun any more, she simply has to win. It seems that somebody is none too thrilled with her plan however, as the mysterious girl previously encountered by Yuzuki pays Tama a visit, trying to persuade her that Ruko's plan would leave her in the cold and that she should seriously consider not completing her oath with Ruko to avoid her friend becoming an Eternal Girl. It seems that this is a plot which also plays directly into Iona's hands, bringing about some seismic shifts as this first season of WIXOSS comes to a close.

As I'd suspected, this finale to Selector Infected WIXOSS was ultimately a massive cliffhanger to lead us into the autumn and Selector Spread WIXOSS - then again, I really don't mind as this series has become stronger by the week, and from wondering whether it has the legs to be a split-cour show I now find myself very much looking forward to it, especially given the shifts and changes brought about by the end of this season and its potential suggestions that the world of Selectors is about to have a whole lot more impact upon the real world than simply messing with the wishes of some teenagers. Admittedly this finale had ti break some of its own rules (particularly pertaining to Hitoe) to get there, but all in all Selector Infected WIXOSS has provided an impressive bout of story-telling that harboured all of the drama and emotion that it required, wrapped up in a compelling overall package.

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