Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Love Live! School Idol Project Season 2 - Episode 10

The New Year is almost upon us in this week's Love Live, allowing the girls to enjoy some of the festivities and celebrations of the season.  Oh, and they won the preliminary round to qualify for the Love Live itself, by the way.

Having somehow defeated A-RISE in a way that neither group seems able to comprehend, thoughts quickly turn to the Love Live itself for the μ's girls, where they can compete in a completely free-form fashion in terms of song selection and so on. However, there's a more immediate question on the girls lips, as each competing group in the Love Live is able to select a catchphrase that represents them - so what should μ's catchphrase be?

Apparently "we're not the soap" is immediately off the cards, but the girls are otherwise struggling to comprehend what it is they represent or a phrase that reflects them as a group considering their varying personalities and disparate backgrounds. It's something that seems impossible to figure out, until it looms into view that it is perhaps their journey to the Love Live, and the story that it represents, that is the real heart of what sums up μ's as an entity.

Even though it only had a simple idea at its core, it doesn't take much to fuel Love Live's sense of humour and fun, and that was certainly the case here - this wasn't the series at its most hilarious or touching, but it boasted the kind of easy sense of entertainment that has become a hallmark of the show. Given its propensity to dedicate episodes to every aspect of the girl's preparations, I have to wonder whether we'll actually reach the Love Live itself within this series, but no matter how they spin things it seems pretty likely to be a fun ride.

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