Thursday, 12 June 2014

Nanana's Buried Treasure - Episode 10

The race is on to grab a particular piece of the Nanana Collection, with the Adventure Club's combined forces determined to beat Ikusaba to the punch thanks in no small part to some important hints given to them by Nanana herself.

It's thanks to these hints that the group very quickly compile the required knowledge and key to reach the exact location of the treasure. However, they have to wait until that evening to actual unlock the area within which it's contained thanks to its location slap-bang in the middle of a shopping mall, which in turn leaves Juugo facing more questions from Nanana about why he's in such a rush to retrieve this particular item of treasure.

Come the evening, it's time to tackle the numerous puzzles between them and this piece of the Nanana Collection - of course, this proves to be none too difficult with Tensai at hand to figure it out, although a mixture of impatience and missteps means that this cerebral traversal to reach the treasure is mixed with some more simple fast reactions. With just a final puzzle left to be solved, who else should appear but Ikusaba, who shows no intention of letting his fellow treasure-hunters get away with the prize at hand, leading to an epic bout of fisticuffs powered by other pieces of the Nanana Collection.

Its waxed and waned over the weeks, but this was most certainly a great episode of Nanana's Buried Treasure - its puzzle-solving, treasure hunting elements were simple but enjoyable, and once again this show proves to be incredibly proficient when the fists start flying in what proved to be a fantastic action set pieces that had brains to match its brawn. It isn't over either, as things have taken an even darker turn to lead us into the series finale, which I really can't wait to see at this moment in time.

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