Thursday, 12 June 2014

Selector Infected WIXOSS - Episode 11

With Hitoe still hospitalised, Ruko remains in possession of both Yuzuki in her new LRIG form and Tama, and the discussions which ensure seem to be finally propelling her in the direction of figuring out the wish she wants to make as a Selector.

As you might expect, this wish involves putting an end to this whole Selector nonsense, by wishing that all LRIGs and Eternal Girls are returned to their original states and bodies.  Although this seems like a sensible enough idea, Yuzuki is unsure that it will be possible thanks to her conversation with the mysterious girl who seems to be at the centre of events - however, Tama seems to feel that this wish could possibly be granted, and that she may somehow have the ability to do so. Is this linguistically challenged LRIG the key to stopping this game?

Either way, Ruko has made her decision and thus sets her sights on attending Iona's "fan event" - a decision driven even further by Hitoe insisting that she'll only speak to Ruko again at that event. It probably goes without saying that this event, held in the derelict tower currently under construction, is in fact little more than a tournament between Selectors, with girls battling out to reach the final and a match against Iona herself. It isn't clear what Iona wishes to gain from all of this exactly, but the tournament tree does eventually set Ruko and Hitoe against one another yet again.

I'll admit that I'm a little disappointed by the predictability of Ruko's wish when it came (and it again channels some of those inevitable Madoka Magica comparisons), but I suppose it's really the only way to progress the series at this point in time, and it does lead in to what should be an interesting finale to this current series. As a whole, I'm continuing to enjoy the way that Selector Infected WIXOSS sets out its stall, making good use of all of its characters and leaning heavily on that side of things rather than the game of WIXOSS itself, which has stood it in good stead. Now, we just have to see whether there will be any kind of finality to next week's episode, or simply a massive cliff-hanger...

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