Friday, 6 June 2014

Selector Infected WIXOSS - Episode 10

The truth is now out regarding the roles of Selectors and their LRIG and what winning the chance to be an Eternal Girl really means, but any further discussion of this scenario is quickly put on hold as Hitoe collapses in the midst of her Selector battle against Ruko.

Having called an ambulance and seen her admitted to hospital but stable, Ruko is finally in place to listen to the rest of Yuzuki's story - how she was tricked by Hanayo, which led to her meeting the mysterious Mayu before being "recycled" as a LRIG herself. Given the situation, Yuzuki quickly understood why Hanayo didn't tell her the truth about her situation, and indeed she herself followed a very similar pattern with Hitoe, attempting to persuade her to battle while sounding her out on a potential wish, all born out of a selfish desire to be freed from her prison, but conversely a desire also seeded with a genuine desire to help the Selector in her charge.

Of course, Yuzuki is also finding it incredibly difficult to ignore her previously life - not only is she unsure of whether she even wants to escape into a new body, but she's also curious as to what Hanayo is doing with her new occupation as Kazuki's brother, leading to Ruko helping her to spy on the two of them to discover that she has indeed granted Yuzuki's wish.  All of this seems to be bringing Ruko at least a little closer to an understanding of her own desires, and not a moment too soon as a challenge goes out on Twitter that seems designed to ensnare her.

Having hit the high point with its big revelations over the last week or two, it's going to be interesting to see how strongly this series of Selector Infected WIXOSS can finish - this was certainly another good episode that made good use of the pain of those embroiled in its most insane of card games, and in particular Yuzuki's understanding of why Hanayo had deceived her was a strong point given that the series could so easily have just gone ahead and had its cast try to "break the game" for the greater good.  I awaiting the final couple of episodes with bated breath to see what the ultimate goal of the series is, although given that it'll be returning in the autumn (most likely, at least) I imagine all we'll be left with is a big fat cliffhanger.

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