Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Mekakucity Actors - Episode 11

Last week's episode taught us a lot in terms of filling in the gaps within Mekakucity Actors (aside from the most important gap of all, of course, that being the reason why this show is garbage), so now that we have our "bad guy" in sight what's next for the Mekakushi-dan.

The most pressing issue however is to prevent Hibiya from doing anything foolhardy, and eventually Momo and Kido catch up to him and manage to persuade him that he's best served working with them - a thought that itself takes a back seat as all three of them end up being captured by... I dunno, people, I have no idea who they are or what they're doing.

Meanwhile, returning to flashback-land, we square the circle of Ayano's fate as we learn that her demise was a deliberate decision to thwart her father, or at least that of the entity possessing him, as preventing him from using the source of her power would theoretically put a stop to his plans. It's a theory that seems to be unfounded, but perhaps her sacrifice isn't such a final one after all, and Shintaro certainly seems to have a plan to bring her back having learned much of the truth himself. Now that Takane has her body back (how this happens is glossed over), the others all race to the aid of Momo as she uses her ability to make her current predicament known to all and sundry by singing like a Vocaloid.

Even by the already poor standards of Mekakucity Actors this week's episode was an absolute mess - an episode that felt like a number of disparate scenes had been accidentally dropped onto a cutting room floor and then pasted back together in a hurry with little regard for whether all of the pieces had even been picked up, let along stuck together in the right order. This inattention has turned a dull, poorly executed series into one bordering on laughable, and I for one really can't wait for the final episode simply so that I can be rid of it as soon as possible.

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