Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Space Brothers - Episode 38

Nothing was ever likely to match the beautifully depicted emotional exhiliration of finding out Mutta's fate in last week's Space Brothers, and as a result this latest episode is more focused upon basking in the afterglow of those moments than anything more complex.

Not that there's really much time for Mutta to reflect upon his success, as he's whisked immediately off to a press conference unveiling these new astronauts - after meeting some of the wannabes who didn't quite make it, he finally gets to meet his fellow new astronauts in a group that includes Kenji, Serika and Nitta.  Surprisingly for Mutta, he manages to make a pretty good fist of this press conference without saying any of the daft things that enter his head - perhaps he's turned over a new leaf in this department?

After the press conference is over, there are no shortage of old friends queuing up either in person or via e-mail to congratulate Mutta, once again allowing him to reflect upon the strength of some of the friendships he has forged on this path to becoming an astronaut.  As for Hibito, he seems pretty thrilled at his brother's success to boot, although it appears that he'll have other things to occupy his time with soon enough...

Following its masterful previous episode, this latest instalment of Space Brothers was always going to struggle to live up to its direct episodic predecessor, and thus this was a pretty solid yet still enjoyable affair that simply decided to spend some time basking in the contended joy of the success it revealed the previous week.  It's a moment of joy we might be glad we basked in too, as things look likely to take a far more serious turn in the coming weeks.

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